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Bringing Creative Escapes Home!

Back in October 2019 we had a thought…our Creative Escape craft holidays work very well hosting from Cortijo Alameda in Lubrin but…what if we brought CE home, to our own Cortijo?

After a discussion we worked out what we needed and we put a plan in place to create the perfect Creative Escape from our home in Fuente Del Albarico.

The first thing we needed was a large, bright craft room. So, we set about creating it.

We had a big space at the back of the house with amazing views. So we bought some materials and a cement mixer and set about building what we needed:

Our shiny cement mixer!

It didn’t take long to get the basic structure in place.

Concrete Floor and Supporting Pillar

Then The Roof Went On!

Tiles Inspired By The Alhambra

We knocked out the bay window and replaced with a new double door. We built some steps down into the new room and tiled the back wall with some tiles inspired by The Alhambra in Granada.

We reupholstered all the furniture during the first lockdown (Blog post to follow) and this is how it all finished up.

We are very pleased with how it turned out and it’s a joy to craft in here. We also serve breakfast and dinners in here.

Dinner In The Craft Room

We hope you like our Creative Escape Craft Room.

Cheeky Marilynne Making Mosaic

Creating Mosaics In The Craft Room

We also wanted to improve our bedroom offering so check out our next blog post to see what we did!

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