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Christmas At Creative Escapes

On 30th November 2019 we picked up our final group of crafters for the year. We quickly got the Christmas spirit rising with Christmas canapes and cava!

During the week we learned:

Castille soap making with Kathryn

We all got blending this afternoon and made various shapes, sizes and scents of soaps:

The finished products!

Silver Ring Making with Claire Purt

Our guests spent the day with Claire and Shane at Castellon De Bedar making a silver ring. As usual the results were very professional and they all had a wonderful day.

Christmas Card Making with Julie Allen

Julie arrived at the Cortijo with her inks and we set about learning her wet on wet technique with inks and water. Such an effective way to create beautiful cards while having fun!

I love this cheeky robin on a festive branch!

The final cards:

Ceramics with Trina Doerr

Today our Creative Escapers worked on their ceramic skills. Each was encouraged to make a piece which meant something to them. The outcomes were very good, with beautiful glazes. It was lovely when the new black kitten came in for a cuddle!

The finished pieces:

Christmas Dinner at Creative Escapes:

We all sat down to a full Christmas dinner and it was amazing!!! Cooked by Karen and enjoyed by us all!

Cake Decorating with Katie Bonito

We visited Katie @no1.lameseta for a day of cake decorating. This was an extra class which we don't usually offer but we have decided to include in our "returners" week now because it's a great day of learning, eating and enjoying! Katie is a very patient, good teacher and it was really nice to make as well as taste!

Here are the results:

We also made a standalone fondant angel too:

They are all a bit wonky but we really had a wonderful, fun day and we've all been inspired to try this activity again.

The cake decorating gang!

PMC Silver Clay with Karen

A full day learning the various techniques involved in crafting with silver clay. Everyone was encouraged to make an item special to them. They made pendants, charms and earrings.

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