Card Making With Julie

Julie Allen Handmade Card Creator

This workshop has proved very popular!

Julie will demonstrate how to use primary coloured inks, water and a fine pen to create beautiful designs for greetings cards.


Many of our guests, who have never painted before were delighted with the cards they produced after just an afternoons tuition.



Silver Jewellery Day With

Clare Purt


For this workshop we will spend the day in the craft room at the Cortijo.

Mosaics have been created and used decoratively since ancient times.  More recently here in Spain, Gaudi pioneered a special mosaic design technique called Trencar that is still in vogue and used by a lot of artists today.


You will have the opportunity to learn different techniques of working with mosaics.​  We have a great selection of different materials to use (glass, mirror, beads, porcelain, tiles, shells) to make something truly amazing.

So, whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced, it's a fun filled day.  Your finished items will be ready to grout at home to save on baggage weight.


Clare is a very talented goldsmith with 35 years' experience. She has many clients in the UK, her most prestigious being HRH Prince Charles!


You will spend the day in Clare's professional workshop at Castellon de Bedar.  You will use traditional techniques to make your own silver ring.  During the day refreshments and a delicious lunch will be prepared and served by Shane.  A wonderful way to spend a day learning new skills and taking time to create a beautiful keepsake of your stay.



Our mosaic day is a day to let your imagination run wild!

Choose your design and create a stunning mosaic using our eclectic mix of materials.  You will be thrilled with your results.


It's a great way to relax and enjoy your surroundings while creating something beautiful to take home with you.

Soap Making


This is an interesting craft to learn and it's all based on a simple chemical reaction.  We use our own extra virgin olive oil which makes a beautiful castille soap.

Handmade Soap

You will choose your own moulds and essential oils and create a selection of handmade soaps to take home.  Once you learn this simple technique to can make soap whenever you like. These soaps make great presents for friends and family.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

This is a very exciting day-long course where we will teach you to use Precious Metal Clay. By the end of the session you will have produced your own unique piece of solid silver jewellery to take home with you.


The day covers:

  • How to work with this special clay, which contains millions of tiny silver particles.

  • Cutting out shapes and texturing the clay into a piece of jewellery.

  • Firing the clay.

  • Burnishing and polishing your finished piece.

Prepare to be amazed!


Cyanotypes are also called Blueprints, Sunprints, Ferroprussiate prints and Iron prints.  The natural blue colour is referred to Prussian blue.


We teach you a basic method to make your own prints, which you can then expand on to create larger pieces at home.

Cyanotype Printing